November 16, 2006

Speaking Faith To Power

What a strange thing for General John Abizaid, the top United States commander in the Middle East, to say:
"I believe that the troop levels need to stay where they are, we need to put more American capacity in to Iraqi units."
So no more US troops needed, thanks. But the USA needs to increase their capacity to use Iraqi units as mercenary stooges. Well, that's what it sounds like to me.

The Los Angeles Times suggests Abazaid is specifically talking about increasing resources for the US military transition teams who "live and fight alongside the Iraqi forces".
"Our troop posture needs to stay where it is as we move to increase Iraqi security forces," Abizaid said. "My belief is the Iraqi army is willing to fight. They need to be led by their own officers and their own government."
Abazaid also believes the al-Maliki government needs to confront al-Sadr militarily:
"He must move against the Sadr militia for Iraq to be a secure state," Abizaid said. "I believe he will. He will use the Iraqi army to do so."
So we are still stuck with a faith-based war. And does anybody in the USA realise that an attack on al-Sadr would be suicidal for a fragile US puppet government to attempt? Somebody take this man outside the Senate hearing room and slap some sense into him.


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