November 22, 2006

We Fight Them Because They Fight Us

Blair again:
"That struggle is continuing because the people we are fighting want to fight us back. The only way we are going to beat them is to have the courage and the absolute will to make sure however much they fight us, we stand up and defeat them."
Peace is for wimps. If them Arabs would just lay down their arms and hand us the keys to the oil wells, this could all be over with very quickly.

And how's this for wedge politics, or false dichotomies, or whatever you want to call the new game:
"You either stick with it until the job is done, or you leave it to another generation. I am not prepared to do that."
You see, our enemies are like Hell Spawn: when one generation dies, an equally irrational, hate-filled mob of life-size insect robot jihadists is spawned.

We battle Evil itself. Logic has no place here. Only the purest form of unflinching willpower can save us. Say it, damn you, say it!
I do believe in fairies! I do believe in fairies! I do believe in fairies!


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