November 29, 2006

Change Gonna Come: New Blog

As we move into the post-Bush era, I have set up a new blog, which I hope readers of this blog will enjoy: Riding The Juggernaut.

The opening post there explains the rationale behind the new venture. I will be keeping this Bush Out blog going, with a more Bush-specific focus, at least until Bush is out of office.


Anonymous said...

Dear Ghandi,

Don't think this has had, or will have, much coverage, but here is a bit of what Alexander Downer said to the Executive Council For Australian Jewry:

"Good people who challenge extremist ideology can take comfort from the words of the writer Arthur Koestler, writing about the burning of Berlin’s Reichstag in 1933, an event which gave rise to Nazi Germany. Koestler wrote — and I quote — “We said that if you don't quench those flames at once, they will spread all over the world you thought we were maniacs.”

"As a country and as [a] global community we have to muster the courage to confront extremist ideology and rally behind the common values of tolerance, pluralism, moderation, democratic freedom and liberty under the law."

Wouldn't it have been nicer if "we" had, in fact, rallied behind the 'common values' of tolerance, pluralism, moderation, democratic freedom and liberty under the (real, basic [e.g. fair process, natural justice and habeus corpus etc..]) law?

this is from the AJN:

gandhi said...

Same old fairyland spin:

Many do not realise that this struggle against violent extremism is a fight to defend the values that we hold dear.

It's not that we don't realise it, Alex. It's that we don't agree that it's a true interpretation of events as they stand today. In fact, we think it is dangerous self-interested political spin!

You know, Downer could probably qualify for the definition of a neocon. In fact, there's a good blog post there: The Aussie Neocons. Hmmn...


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