November 30, 2006

Gandhi Versus Howard

OK, folks, time to announce yet another new blog: this one is called... (dum de dum) ...

Howard Out.

From the opening post:
My primary goal is to ensure that John Howard cannot win re-election. My secondary goal is to hold him, and others who facilitated Australia's involvement in the Iraq War, accountable for past lies and misdeeds. Beyond that, I want to get engaged in the national debate about who we are and where we are going, and try to push that in a more positive direction.

It seems to me that as a nation, in terms of self-identity, self-belief and self-respect, we are pretty well lost right now. We need to pull back the curtains on the increasingly global politics-business nexus, and we need to inject a huge dose of idealism into the "story" that controls our national direction. As a melting pot of cultures, Australia has an incredible opportunity to stake out a key place in the globalization debate, the environmental challenge and other big issues. As the Yanks say, it's time to step up to the plate...
Please go visit Howard Out and add it to your bookmarks.

And don't forget to visit my other new blog too: Riding The Juggernaut. It's basically a return to the original question I posted on this blog:
Who built this cursed machine? Who controls it? Should we be trying to stop it, destroy it or re-direct it? Or should we just be jumping off?!?
So now Gandhi offers a choice of three blogs: one focussed on Bush, one on Howard, and one on more generic issues. Take your pick, or bookmark all three!

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