November 15, 2006

Why Alexander "Baby Face" Downer Is Such A Genius

Downer is probably the only politician on earth with the gall to say that Iran and Syria are 'already part of Iraq talks'! So you see, folks, we are not changing our policy at all, even when we change it. Brilliant!

And fortunately for Condi Rice and her boss, Big Al is happy to share his genius. In fact, when peace reigns across Iraq, it will be all thanks to the Big Downer:
"We've got a couple of ideas that we will be talking to the Americans about. I don't want to overstate this, they're consistent with what we have been saying publicly but there's more to our ideas than just that. On the back of discussions with other countries we will be able to furnish the Americans with some additional information which I think will be helpful to them."
Oh, goody, goody! I love secrets!


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