November 29, 2006

Jimmy Carter just called the Iraq War "one of the greatest blunders that American presidents have ever made". But he also said a very strange thing:
Well, you know, there's a difference between letting Iran play a role in the future of Israel, on the other hand, which would be completely out of the question, and including Iran and Syria in a conference of all of the surrounding nations, including those that are close to us, moderate Arabs like Egypt and Jordan and Saudi Arabia and some of the other Gulf States.

But I think if they are included in a conference, that would reassure the Iraqi people that some day in the near future they're going to have complete control over their military and political and economic destiny, and Israeli and American occupation forces are going to be withdrawn. I think that would be something that the president should accept.
Are there Israeli forces in Iraq? Well, d'uh! But is this now a commonly accepted fact?


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