November 21, 2006

Wierd Scenes Inside The FOX Goldmine

Panic hits News Ltd after Fox ratings continue to drop. The O.J. Simpson book deal and FOX TV special have both been dropped under massive public pressure:
No one at the company would discuss on the record the exact details of how the project had been accepted in the first place. But one executive involved in the negotiations about the book and the television special said Mr. Murdoch had been aware of both deals before they were announced publicly last week.
Although the projects have been cancelled, OJ will still be taking home an unspecified pay packet.

Books are being recalled and pulped. But lest you think News Ltd has suddenly grown a social conscience, take note. A News Corporation executive is still talking about selling the rights to another publisher. The television interview could also be sold on, or it "might" turn up on the Internet (in which case FOX would surely feel obliged to report on it).

In related news, FOX is apparently planning their own version of the Daily Show. How many anti-Clinton jokes can you fit into 30 minutes?


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