January 18, 2007

100 Hours

So how is Pelosi's House agenda going? Here are the items passed so far:
_make the government negotiate for lower Medicare prescription drug prices. It passed last Friday.

_expand federally funded stem cell research. It passed Jan. 11.

_raise the federal minimum wage. It passed Jan. 10.

_seek to bolster terrorism-fighting efforts. It passed Jan. 9.

_change rules governing ethics, lobbying and the budget. These changes were passed on Jan. 4-5.
And the "final piece" due to pass today:
- energy legislation that imposes billions in fees, taxes and royalties on oil and gas companies and uses the money to promote renewable fuels.
A good start, perhaps (the ethics bill is severely watered down), but surely just a start.

Meanwhile the Democrat Presidential hopefuls' posturing on the Iraq War is quite obscene.

UPDATE: Those items above may have passed the House, but they face a more difficult time in the Senate.


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