January 09, 2007

The Real Enemy Is Still Reality

TPM's Larry Johnson:
Earnest and well-intentioned ain't going to cut it in Iraq. Someone needs to get that message to the new U.S. ground commander, Lt. Gen. Raymond T. Odierno. You see, Odierno wants to fight Iraq with the Iraqis he wished existed rather than the sectarian groups who acutally exist. If he persists believing in an Iraq that does not really exist he will fail. Just because you want to believe a circle is square does not mean you can square a circle.
Reminds you of that old neocon quote about "creating new realities" doesn't it? I would venture to say that the "new realities" they have created are almost exactly the opposite of whatever grand visions they once purported to champion.

Also at TPM, Josh Marshall says "we have a president who has a basic contempt for our system of government and the rule of law." Yup.

I think this "surge" should be taken as a clear sign of something that has been self-evident for the past six years: Bush really just doesn't give a damn, and if nobody stops him he will just carry on regardless.

The man has no shame, and no honour. He is a hollow shell of a man, inflated by his own ego, craving only the blessing of his pandering corporatocratic golf partners.

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