January 17, 2007

I have posted some new on the Iraq Oil Law at Riding The Juggernaut. From now on, I will be posting anything related to the Bush administration here, and anything more global/generic there (plus Oz politics at Howard Out). It's a little tricky establishing the lines of demarcation, so bear with me. Any thoughts or suggestions, let me know.


Anonymous said...

we appreciate you taking the time, effort, energy and $$$ maintaing / running / posting on all of your blogs / sites. lots to look over, read and ponder.

thank you.

gandhi said...

Thanks, anonymous "we" people,

It does mean a lot to get messages like that. Keep it in mind for your other favourite bloggers too.


gandhi said...

I would like to know what readers think of the 3 blogs idea. Would 2 blogs be enough? I am thinking that the Juggernaut can handle only stuff that simply does not fit into the current political discourse (ie, more high-level/sociological issues).

Howard Out seems to occupy a good niche and stops me alienating US readers with Oz politics, which have coincidentally been very quiet lately.

Please do take the time to let me know your thoughts.

Winter Patriot said...

I'm not sure how many readers you have alienated ... and I know I'm far from typical ... but I am interested in all of it ... USA, UK, Oz, and all the rest.

I don't care how many blogs you maintain; I'll visit them all as often as I can.

And that's a threat!


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