January 18, 2007

The Silver Surfer Is Coming!

Trust me on this one, OK?

Check out the trailer.


Abby said...


gandhi said...

Hey Abby,

I assume you are the "Abby" whose comments at Kos and other sites regularly bring visitors this way? If so, thanks for the support!

The Surfer trailer looks good eh? I am a long-time fan and cannot wait for its release. Hopefully the script will be true to the original comics and deliver a timely message for the world.

Abby said...

Yep, that's me. Abby786 on dKos and Abby at most other places.

I try to get people to come here because you write well and are unbiased. We have a problem in America. Too many well-meaning people, thanks to their MSM clouded education, have tunnel vision. Too many miss the larger picture. Too many are distracted by the distraction tactics of the likes of O’Reilly/Malkin/Coulter/Rush/Hannity.

You know the issues and the internet going the way of the public airwaves – consolidated into a single corporate hand is not the least of them. Tragically, completely ignored by most of the blogs. There are too many such issues. Most look at the Democrats as an antidote to the Republicans not knowing that, while the Democrats are very much better, they do not really represent the people. The people, who are largely anti-war, have a choice between two war mongering political parties who are owned lock, stock and barrel by people who profit from the best business in the world – war.

Blogs like yours, the ones that do not favor one party over the other and pay too much attention to issues they would rather you ignored, will always lack sponsorship and will never do as well as dKos and the others but are hard to beat for quality.

I come here to educate myself. You cover many vital issues that get drowned out in the face of the Rightwing noise machine both on the MSM and the “mainstream” blogs.

gandhi said...

Thanks, Abby!

That's about - sniff! - the nicest - sniff! sniff! - thing ... anybody has ever - *holding back tears* - said to me!



There are others with such an independent streak, but as you say they don't get much of a run for their money (even from me, probably). Like they say, follow da money....

Root of all evil? Sometimes it sure looks that way.

OTOH maybe it's just a case of like minds and mixing with folk where you are comfortable? I know a lot of people at dKos and Atrios and other sites are doing a lot of good things. Who knows? Maybe they will even drag the Democrats back to a worthwhile party one of these days.

Till then, thanks again.

Abby said...

LOL. You're welcome.


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