January 16, 2007

Nucking Futs

Oh my God. I think I just worked it out.

Plenty of critics are lining up to deride Bush's "surge" as a too-little-too-late escalation that will not be able to achieve its stated objectives. On paper, their arguments make a lot of sense. Some say it would take 100,000 troops or more to suppress the insurgency, and even then they would probably just melt away and come back twice as strong later on. Others say this is just a face-saving effort designed to see Bush through the next two years, so he can palm off the inevitable withdrawal to the next President.

But what are Bush's real objectives? I think I know. And it's not good.

These guys are nucking futs. They are not just doubling-down their bets, they are putting their shirts, their jewellery and their houses on the table (actually, it's YOUR shirt, your jewellery and your house, but never mind that).

They are going to war with Iran.

Not just poking the Iranians with diplomatic sticks, not just faking intelligence for the media to swallow, not just blitzing the talk shows on TV with bloody anti-Iranian rhetoric. All that and more. Whatever it takes, in fact.

To understand their mindset, think of Jack Nicholson's face turning red as he screams, "You can't HANDLE the truth!". Then think about fat guys in suits, chomping cigars and swigging whiskey at poker parties with hookers in the Watergate Hotel. Think about a VP who shoots people in the face and shouts "Go fuck yourself!" on the Senate floor.

UPDATE: Digby concurs.


Wadard said...

What took you so long? Of course they are. A successful Iran campaign using airpower only is the only way put for bush

Anonymous said...

Let’s see now: (1) The Iranian Oil Bourse. (2) The fact that Iran won the “war” in Iraq. (3) Iran will eventually get nuclear weapons. Stupid if they did not. (4) There is no business like the war business and Americans will not have a stomach for another war for 10-15 years after these “wars”. (5) Israel’s pressure for the US to remove/weaken this Iranian threat to them. (6) If hostilities stop, the world will discover exactly what the US has done to Iraq and Iraqis and BushCo could be in serious international trouble. (7) The US corporations will get the Iraqi oil contracts for sure but those would be worthless if Iran remained in a position to make sure they are worthless.

Yep, I would say Bush has enough reasons to attack Iran.

The Democrats will not do much even if they can but I have no idea how China and Russia will play into this equation (and they will). There also seems to be a growing internal backlash from within the armed forces. That should be interesting over the next few weeks.

Opinion polls do not matter. The American people will have no say in what happens next. They lost that ability - gave away that right - some 30-40 years ago as far as I can tell.

gandhi said...

Of course I know all that, and you know I know all that.

What I meant by "Oh my God" is that I kind of had a big, illuminating revelation about the mindset behind all this. You always wonder, is Bush really this dumb/foolish/shameless/uncaring/etc? Is Cheney really prepared to do this/that/the other?

Then today I was thinking about a post I saw at Daou Report, We Can't Handle the Truth, and I was thinking about the mindset of these people, and I was reading about all the latest stories regarding the impending military action against Iran, and it just sort of hit me.

I've been to business meetings where arrogant, ambitious men in shiny shoes talk about how "sexy" their software is and how they are going to "fuck" their opposition and how so-and-so "deserves to have his head cut off and shit jammed down his throat"... You know the type, right?

That's what we've got here. Men in shiny shoes trying to impress themselves and each other with their macho crapola.

"You say I can't attack Iran, hunh? Well, just watch this, you motherfucker...!"

That's what we've got. That's who we've got running the White House. Bush and Cheney are both thinking they are a hundred times more powerful than anyone in history, with a military juggernaut beyond anything the world has ever known at their disposal, and nobody and nothing is going to tell them what to do. Not congress, not the Senate, not the opinion polls, not the election, not the media, not the ISG, not Mummy and Daddy, not the UN, not the law.

Not even facts.

Was it Macbeth who said:
"I am in blood
Stepp'd in so far that, should I wade no more,
Returning were as tedious as go o'er."

These guys are not even thinking of going back. Second thoughts are for wimps and losers.

"Hey! Look how big my dick is!"

gandhi said...

Actually I should have given a fuller quote. The bit just before that is also fitting:

"For mine own good,
All causes shall give way: I am in blood.."

Anonymous said...

in terms of ground force, American ground force can do no shit to Iran's ground forces.

Thus, airpower is the only option. but i think things will turn out more ugly than we can think of if G bush starts the war. Hizbullah in lebanon will strart to fling rockets to Isreal, Mahdi army in iraq will probably intensify their attacks on U.S ground forces in Iraq..and...


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