January 11, 2007

Is Bush Taking A Hit?

I can't help wondering if Bush really believes the shit he is saying, or maybe he is just taking a hit for the team. Think about it: Bush goes down as the Worst President Ever, his personal prestige and his administration's credibility in tatters. Maybe the boys at Foggy Bottom will even fake an early death in 2009, give him an alias and let him go clear scrub in Paraguay for the rest of his days. Whatever.

But meanwhile the war in Iraq pushes on for just ... a... little... bit... longer. And maybe the greedy fat cats in the Big Oil corporatocracy think that will be enough for them to get the Iraqi Oil Law signed, which is the key to getting their hands on the oil.

And maybe the greedy fat cats in the armaments industry corporatocracy figure an extra few billion dollars is worth Bush's loss of face. And maybe Rupert Murdoch's media corporatocracy has assured everybody that they can reinvent the GOP within a few years and even push forward another winning candidate by 2012. And maybe some US domestic economic hitmen have lined up a Democrat candidate who is on the take, and maybe they are telling everybody he will be a shoe-in for 2008.

So maybe somebody was standing behind the curtain with a gun, or a picture of George having sex with his dog, or whatever. And maybe that's why he went out there and read the damned speech.

Or maybe he is just an idiot.

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