January 15, 2007

Gandhi Speaks

Every now and again I get pissed off.

Bush and Cheney are now dragging the USA towards a Constitutional crisis that has been widely anticipated by anyone who has been watching closely. It's a crisis for which they have carefully prepared: the Supreme Court is stacked in their favour, and the legal counsels in the Attorney General's department have issued a swathe of contentious opinions to bolster their arguments for an over-reaching Executive Branch. Surprised? You shouldn't be.

At the same time, these murderous swine are escalating the military conflict in Iraq and prodding the Iranians with sticks in the hope of further confrontation. Again, you shouldn't be surprised: the neocon plan for the Middle East has always been a "domino effect" of orchestrated instability coupled with military action.

Of course, in the current situation, the idea of spreading Democracy through further violence and instability seems totally irrational, and it is. But Bush's oft-stated goal of "spreading Democracy" is just a hoax. What they really want to "spread" is US-dominated corporate control, based on a global economic model which is now considered beyond debate in the conventional wisdom.

Bush and his spinmeisters may be on the ropes in polls and on the Senate floor, but they still control the message, frame the media "story" and dictate the terms of the debate. Understimate them at your peril.

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