January 15, 2007

Rice Grilled On Iraq Oil Law

Well, maybe not grilled... Lightly toasted? From WaPo:
Testifying before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on U.S. President George W. Bush's plan to send more troops to Iraq, Rice tried to assure impatient U.S. lawmakers that Iraqi officials are making progress on the hydrocarbon law.

"You referred to the oil law as a remarkable law," Sen. John Sununu, New Hampshire Republican, told Rice. "Well, it's the most remarkable law that no one has ever really seen." ...

Sununu said he had been briefed on the oil law recently by members of the White House National Security Council, and had received a top-secret briefing from individuals he did not identify.

"What we can gain is that there has been some agreement on investment issues, and even ownership, but not on distribution," Sununu said. "And from where I sit, it's distribution that really matters."

"Distribution has actually been less of a problem than the question of who gets to sign contracts," Rice said. "That's frankly been the one that they've been hung up on."

Sununu bemoaned a lack of clear information from the White House on oil law progress.

"Senior National Security Council staff was able to tell me and others in the room nothing about distribution methodology," he said.


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