January 22, 2007

So... Watcha Doing Saturday?

David Swanson is looking for some support:
Our opening drive is January 27th in Washington, D.C. If you are not there you are letting down the team. If you are not there you will feel shame when your grandchildren ask you about your life. If you are not there you are not in solidarity with the people of the world who do not know what Americans think because not enough of us are there. Get up! There are no excuses. No, not even that one. No, not that noble one. Not that personal one. Not that strategic one. NO excuses. You need to be in Washington, D.C., on Saturday, January 27th. If ifs and buts were candy and nuts you could just go buy a trophy and put it on your television. You've got to EARN IT, my friends. You've got to get your ass to Washington, D.C., this Saturday, or you can join the other team. We don't need you. We'll win without you. Have a nice glass of oil with your steak. Or come and eat and march and sing and share and laugh with us as we turn this world on its axis.

We're going to march past the U.S. Capitol, and it's surrounded by Capitol Police, but they are on our team and they know we're marching for them too. We're marching to tell Congress what it has to do. But we're also going to march past Fox News, and this is where we throw a screen pass and go long. We're going to hit Fox News with a protest so loud that deep within their studios a guest will seize his throat and some truth will come out. We're going to rock the opposition's two key players, Fox News and the U.S. Senate, to the ground. We're going to demand an end to this war now:
And then we're really going to start.


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