January 13, 2007

How Have The Mighty Fallen?

Here's Condi Rice today:
I think anything that is an American plan is bound to fail.
Actually, Condi sounds like she is on drugs. Listen to this:
I don't think there is a government in the world that would sit by and let the Iranians in particular run networks inside Iraq that are building explosive devices of a very high quality that are being used to kill their soldiers.
Well of course there are lots of governments that would let the Iranians run networks inside Iraq: Sweden, for example. Or New Zealand. And none of them are running around like blue-assed flies screaming about "terrorism" all the fucking time.

You know, when Bush is bursting into tears and Condi can't put two coherent sentences together, that's gotta tell you something.
Both President George W Bush and Ms Rice have said this week that they intend to step up measures against those threatening to destabilise Iraq.
Maybe they are having trouble sleeping.


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