January 23, 2007

New Tales Of Yankee Power

Updated lyrics to Dylan's old classic:
Señor, Señor, do you know where the USA is headin'?
Tehran or Armageddon?
Seems like we've been down this road before.
Can you tell us the truth please, Señor?

Señor, Señor, do you know where Cheney's hidin'?
How long can Bush keep lyin'?
How long before he shows Snowjob out the door?
Is Iraq's new Oil Law signed yet, Señor?

There's a wicked war still wagin' on that aircraft carrier deck,
There's a microphone still hanging down from around your neck.
There's a press corps still waitin' on the White House lawn
Where the lies about the Iraq War were all still-born.

Señor, Señor, are they circling their wagons,
Citing WMDs and dragons?
Can't stand the hypocrisy anymore.
Can you tell me who's resigning soon, Señor?

Well, the last thing I remember before the White House reeled
Was that roomful of neocons bogged down in a foreign field.
An ex-President from the Carlyle Group with a strange skull ring
Said, "Son, this ain't a cocaine trip now, it's the real thing."

Señor, Señor, you know their heads are as thick as leather.
Well take a minute, pull yourself together.
Come on now, pick yourself up off the floor...
We're ready when you are, Señor.

Señor, Señor, what was written in those cables?
Show us the figures in those tables.
These lies don't make sense to us no more.
What the hell are you waiting for, Señor?
PS: Can anyone explain why I still haven't seen Neil Young's Living With War album in Australian stores?

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Anonymous said...

the reason that you haven't seen Neil Young's new album in stores ?

probably for the same reason as this >>>



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