December 06, 2004

Am I Crazy? Or Is The World Crazy?

Larry Beinhart, the author "American Hero," which inspired the creation of the film "Wag the Dog," has an illuminating article at AlterNet:
"A presidential narrative has its own weight. When you argue against it, line by line, you have to call him a liar. It is difficult to imagine anyone who can lie so well and so consistently as he must be doing, if we are to completely reject what he has been telling us. So it is hard to accept the total cynicism, combined with blind optimism, that must - in my estimation - actually be behind his actions.

The chorus of the world - television, radio, the newspapers, your acquaintances and colleagues - has its own weight too. If they're all repeating this narrative about War on Terror, WMDs, Saddam the threat, bringing democracy to the Middle East, it's hard to say, no, no, I defy you all, you're all spinning this fictive version of the facts, you're all liars."
Beinhart offers a new story, "The Librarian" for public consumption.

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