December 24, 2004

You Want Conspiracy Theories?

How about this? Reports are claiming that the wireless transmitter Bush used in the Presidential TV debates was actually "a medical device for 'persons at risk of cardiac arrest.' It is a LifeVest wearable defibrillator. " Click the link for a pic of the device.


Dave Nalle said...

And this is a conspiracy because?

Perhaps they were extorting him to go to the debate and the neocon overlords were going to shock him into a heart attack if he didn't say what they wanted?

Whhhhoooooosssh - is that the sound of the wind whistling between your ears?


gandhi said...

Just curious how this explanation of the transmitter bump might play in the right-wing crowd...

Rachel, a Brit in London said...

I am convinced. I have put a comment about that web page on a subscriber-only forum in the UK, with the URL. I am not happy that someone as ill as the President appears to be is running the world's most powerful country and military power. I think that Americans should not be happy that their young soldiers are being sent out to die in the Iraqi desert at the command of someone so "distanced" (by illness, both physical and mental) from real life.

You could not make it up. Only severe satire and unrelenting ridicule, in my view, can hope to make sleep-walking right-wing Americans see the catastrophe towards which they are heading at break-neck speed (and taking the rest of us with them).

Rachel, a Brit in London said...

PS I have also saved that page and the images to my hard disk, in case of an American Patriot Act-inspired DDos upon their servers.

Rachel in London said...

This report has been picked up by media web sites all over the place: we will hear more in the New Year, I guess.

OK, I don't believe that America is so short of able and wealthy senators that they had no choice but to vote in as President an ill man. So what is he there for? To whom is he so useful that he had to be given a second term as President? While we are all watching and listening to Bush, what else is going on - is he a "tethered goat"?


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