December 13, 2004

Is Iraq The Model a CIA Front?

Juan Cole at Informed Comment cast some much-needed light on the mysteriously high US media profile the Fadhil brothers at Iraq The Model - now visiting their US sponsors - have been able to achieve.

He contrasts this with the way other Iraqi bloggers like Riverbend are ignored, even though they are far more in tune with what average Iraqis are thinking.

Cole's post includes a link to a discussion at Martini Republic which includes the following questions for the Fadhil brothers' consideration:
Were these bloggers prompted by invasion forces to start their blog?

--Who was their contact for their unlikely Abiline, Texas domain host?

--Are the brothers now or have they ever been in any kind of American pay (beyond the largesse of their rightwing PayPal contributors)?

--And most importantly: why are We, the People of the United States, being invited (by our President, no less!) to care so much about what these particular brothers think, when polls out of Iraq indicate that their blog has historically run far, far outside of Iraqi mainstream thinking?
If you have any experience of the wierd right-wing world that is ITM, please join the discussion. I have some previous posts about ITM here and here.

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Arancaytar said...

Apparently at least the domain names were distributed indiscriminately to Iraqi bloggers by "Jeff Reed" of CIATech Solutions.

Riverbend got one too, as early as November 2003.( Jeff Reed, CIATech, and the company in Texas are identical.

The Right Wing is discrediting the entire case by swatting this argument, instead of responding to the more relevant questions about the Fadhil brothers' US visit and their ties to Spirit of America...

Great articles! What annoys me is the way ITM goes on to call Riverbend a fake, seeing as they don't seem very unpartisan themselves.


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