December 22, 2004

Real Iraqi Voices

Looking for an authentic, intelligent and articulate Arab voice? Try this:
When I asked my family what they thought was the only way to peace in Iraq, they answered, "The only way for peace in Iraq, or on earth now, is through a total revolution in society. One no short of the dream that Christ, Mohammed, and all the prophets spoke of, in which real equality brings an end to this entire unjust way in which we all live together."
Story here: Iraq's Silenced Majority.

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JeDaTi said...

One prominent Shia in the U.S. told me, "I call the president Imam Bush." (In Shia Islam, the imams are the chief religious guides throughout the history of the sect.) "He is a believer in God, he is just, and I believe he will keep his promise to hold a fair election on January 30," my interlocutor said. "He liberated Kerbala and Najaf [the Shia holy cities]. He has done more for Shias than anybody else in history."


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