December 07, 2004

Ho Hum... Zzzzz

There were only "about 20 people" protesting outside the offices of Ohio Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell on the day he certified that state's bogus results for the 2004 election. As you would expect by now, Keith Olbermann at MSNBC has coverage of the issue, including more analysis of the "tantalizing language" being used by Kerry's team of Democrat lawyers, but other outlets are woefully inadequate.

Here's some evidence of just how sloppy the mainstrem reporting of this issue is. From a Reuters report quoting Democrat spokesman Cliff McAuliffe:
He said Kerry "feel very comfortable" about his decision not to challenge the outcome in Ohio.
And this from an ABC News (USA) report quoting Keith Cunningham, vice president of the Ohio state election boards association:
"I know election officials all over the state it's just fantasy run wild."
Reporters not only aren't interested in this story, they can't even be bothered getting their spelling and punctuation right. Considering such media outlets have teams of editors and sub-editors, that says a lot about how little attention the mainstream media agencies are giving to this vitally important issue.

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