December 03, 2004

Bush's USA: A Nation In Denial

Yesterday I made the mistake of revisiting the IraqTheModel blog, where gung-ho Bushists gather to feel good about the havoc they are wreaking on Iraq, egged on by some opportunistic Iraqi dentists on the CIA's payroll. If you want to get up close and personal with the ugly face of modern America, the comments section at IraqTheModel is it.

For example, in response to my allegations that Margaret Hussan's murder was faked to deflect attention from the marine murder video (see below), one poster said:
I think the marine made one mistake...he should have saved one bullet for the NBC reporter.
Another said, in all seriousness:
Whats your point? 98% of the respondents in a Fox News poll found nothing wrong with the actions of the American Marine you are refering to. No story there.....why try to deflect critizism? None of the major media in this country is even bothering.
When challenged, the poster even provided this URL link to support the claim.

What does that say about the USA today? I know, the link is just to Bill O'Reilly's bizarro Fox sub-culture, but this is the kind of thing that reminds you just how many people DID vote for Bush (even if the election was still stolen). This is a nation in denial.

Today, Ted Rall asks why families of soldiers dying in Iraq are being told "he died for his country"?
What does it mean to fight (or die) for the United States?

Our soldiers may be doing their duty, fighting fiercely, and giving their lives in the bargain. But since Iraq neither threatens our freedom nor our borders, they're neither protecting our freedoms or fighting for America. The best anyone can say is that they're fighting for our country's geopolitical interests--and what those are is subject to interpretation.

"Private ______ died for his country's geopolitical interests." Huh. Doesn't quite have the same ring.
Elsewhere today, Molly Ivins looks at continuing torture at Abu Ghraib and Guantanamo Bay:
It is both peculiar and chilling to find oneself discussing the problem of American torture...

One's first response to the report by the International Red Cross about torture at our prison at Guantanamo is denial. "I don't want to think about it; I don't want to hear about it; we're the good guys, they're the bad guys; shut up. And besides, they attacked us first."

... The first requirement here is that we look at what we are doing -- and not blink, not use euphemisms. Despite the Red Cross' polite language, this is not "tantamount to torture." It's torture. It is not "detainee abuse." It's torture. If they were doing it to you, you would know it was torture...

Our country, the one you and I are responsible for, has imprisoned these "illegal combatants" for three years now. What the hell else do we expect to get out of them? We don't even release their names or say what they're charged with -- whether they're Taliban, Al Qaeda or just some farmers who happened to get in the way (in Afghanistan, farmers and soldiers are apt to be the same).

If this hasn't been established in three years, when will it be? How long are they to be subjected to "humiliating acts, solitary confinement, temperature extremes, use of forced positions"?

In the name of Jesus Christ Almighty, why are people representing our government, paid by us, writing filth on the Korans of helpless prisoners? Is this American? Is it Christian? What are our moral values? Where are the clergymen on this? Speak out, speak up.

... My question is: What are you going to do about this? It's your country, your money, your government. You own it, you run it, you are the board of directors. They are doing this in your name. The people we elect to public office do what you want them to. Perhaps you should get in touch with them.


Steve H - USA said...

The only people in denial are the ones that think appeasment and ignoring terrorists works. You, Gandhi are an idiot and a fool.

You, like most of the Smurf Media use sound bites and "off the cuff" comments to back up your defunct and Dhimmi view of the world. Reasoned comments are ignored by you and others like you, much like reality is.

You are an ignorant turd, who has and will continue to benifit from the sacrifices of others that are better than you.

You and your ignorant BS are a greater danger to peace and freedom than the Islamo-Fascists. You are the terrorist's apologist and their defender and you live and hide among the rest of us.

Though you are too childish and foolish to see the benifit of defending yourself, Bush will go down in history as the MAN that saved the world from Islamic terrorism. You and others like you will go down as the fools that surrendered to Islamic Fascists.

Fuck off Dhimmi loser!
Steve H - USA

PS A Smurf is a child, it is blue, it is silly and it lives in a fantasy world. They voted for Hanio John too.

PSS I wonder how long it will take for you to delete this comment.

gandhi said...

So nice to have some of my friends from IraqTheModel drop by for a chat. It's good for you guys to get out of your information cocoon.

Please, have a look around.

And please, if you can, keep an OPEN MIND.

Oh, and TRY to be polite, if you don't want your comments deleted. Remember that kids could be reading this too. Think about what kind of world YOU really want to live in.

nascarblue said...

You got to be amazed at mouthbreathing ignorant crusty cousin fuckers like Steve. These fools are always the same, they are incapable of normal debate without resorting to little bitchlike name-calling. I just wish he was here in front of me right now, I'd dress him in a skirt and make him do an extended Guantanamo Bay dance.

ss20man said...

Just a quick question for Gandhi and anyone else bad mouthing the free Iraqis, Have you ever been to Iraq? Well I have, twice in the last 18 months for a total of 8 months. I will tell no one can pull the wool over my eye when it comes to the good we are doing over there. I know most of you hate Bush and America so much that you can’t see anything but what the MSM tells you. Freedom is not free; you can’t pay for it from a Lazy-Boy. These Iraqi are paying for, our brave man and woman are paying for.


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