December 30, 2004

None So Blind As Those That Will Not See

In response to my allegations that his blog Iraq The Model is being used for covert US propaganda, finally a reply (of sorts) from co-author Omar Fadhil:
Ghandi, everything you mentioned is true.

now, could you please leave us alone.
we're the bad guys and you're an angel from heaven, does this satisfy your
beautiful sick mind?
get the fuck out of this CIA blog or I will have your brain taken out and
tested in our secret laboratories.

Omar. | Email | Homepage | 12.28.04 - 4:00 pm | #
And to think that I was the one who was banned for using bad language...

UPDATE: I have been banned (again) from posting comments at Iraq The Model. Once again, so much for free speech and democratic principles. What a farce.


Cultfree said...

Drop by this blog to see some interesting insights to Islam. Read and evaluate, look at both sides of the coin. Its an eye opener.

Glitch said...

Answer These Charges Ghandi!Ok Ghandi, I'll bite...tell me exactly how the world's largest off-shore drilling company benefits from an invasion of a country with an absurdly small amount of off-shore territory that has already been completely drilled wherever possible? Not to mention that all of the drilling in that territory is shallow water drilling and not the deep water stuff that the company specializes in.

Also, to be correct, Schlumberger is not a US or French corporation. It was incorporated in 1956 in the Netherlands Antilles, specifically Curacao. Its first office was in France, its CEO, Chairman of the Board, President and CFO are all French citizens based in Paris. If all of its information publishes that its principal offices are in New York, Paris, and The Hague, why exactly would you claim that it is headquartered in Houston? There may be North American Divisions of it's subsidiary companies that are headquartered in Houston, but the overall parent company, Schlumberger Ltd that you keep citing is clearly NOT headquartered in Houston. So how exactly are they part of the great Bush/Oil conspiracy again?

The fact is that the price of oil went up independently of ME oil production this year. Despite significantly increased Iraqi and Saudi production, the oil price went up through the combined action of hedge funds going long and the Chinese greatly increasing their demand in a short period of time. So buying stocks in any oil company or oilfield services company, French, US, or otherwise was a good investment this year for anybody. Should the American Century Group or whoever it was you spouted off about have avoided investing in oil just so they could avoid charges of conflict of interest? That is a bit absurd to suggest don't you think?

The fact that a bunch of pro-democracy groups might provide money to bloggers in Iraq that are pro-democracy is a no-brainer ghandi. Do you believe that nobody in Iraq is pro-democracy? Is that the nature of your knotted panties? I assume you don't get upset if lefties want to send money to Riverbend to help her out with her expenses, so why be upset if a pro-democracy group wants to help Omar and Mohammed with their expenses? If you believe they are lying about Iraqis being pro-democracy, why are there hundreds of parties signed up to participate?

Also why does it upset you to see Mohammed and Omar carry on without Ali? Ali had his reason, he said he would tell us why he left in time, and we all patiently wait for him to decide the time is right. It is not for Omar or Mohammed to speak for Ali. If they don't share his belief in his reason for leaving, why would you demand that they publish it here? This is their blog and they are entitled to post here whatever they want to post. If Ali wants us to know, he is an adult and an educated man with the means to make his feelings known and he will tell us when he is ready.

Sincerely Ghandi, get over yourself already. Your behavior has made you the laughing stock of the blog world, and the contents of your blog make it overwhelmingly obvious that you are simply a disgruntled democrat who hates Bush and hopes that democracy fails in Iraq, just because it will give you one more thing to bitch at Bush about. You have a transparent conflict of interest of your own in posting your demands for answers here, because your own best interests are served if democracy fails in Iraq. Therefore, you will try anything to discredit this blog because it advances your own agenda. Now answer those charges ghandi!
TxRockhound | Email | Homepage | 12.30.04 - 12:50 pm |

Glitch said...

Sad, so sad. Gandhi. posting this (obvious joke due to your persistant trolling on their blog) just shows how idiotic you are.


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