December 06, 2004

More news on the stolen 2004 election

Today, Monday 6th December, is the big day for Ohio’s Secretary of State Kenneth Blackwell, who is due to certify the results of the Ohio election. The results should look slightly better for Kerry than they did on November 3rd:
Data is still sketchy, but it turns out election officials accepted about 77% of the provisional ballots — about 121,000 of them. No statewide count of the provisionals yet, though results reported by one county — Franklin (that's Columbus), indicated that Senator Kerry had gotten nearly 7,700 of the more-than 12,000 provisional votes counted.
Also on Monday, Cliff Arnebeck's Alliance for Democracy group is expected to file its election challenge, asking a high court justice to set the election results aside pending a full investigation and hearing:
Arnebeck said today he believes that if all ballots were counted in what he calls a "traditional context,” the outcome would not just swing from President Bush’s 130,000 vote election night lead — it would swing all the way in the opposite direction, and give Kerry a 130,000 vote lead.

"Our presidential election affects not just this country but all the citizens of the world. And therefore it's absolutely essential that the person who assumes the mantle of that office has the full confidence of our public and the world community that it was an honest election.”
With all that going on today, Blackwell may decide to wait a while before he responds to all 34 questions contained in a letter sent Thursday from Democratic members of the House Judiciary Committee. Of the letters 34 questions, three - according to MSNBC's excellent Olbermann blog - transcend the importance of the election itself:
"They want to know if Blackwell has investigated the barring of reporters during the vote count, if Blackwell has identified the FBI agent who allegedly (and despite FBI denials) warned the county of a terrorist threat, and, most pointedly: "If County officials were not advised of terrorist activity by an FBI agent, have you inquired as to why they misrepresented this fact? If the lockdown was not as a response to a terrorist threat, why did it take place? Did any manipulation of vote tallies occur?"
As Olbermann says, these are questions that Blackwell HAS TO ANSWER, and history will judge any lies or prevarications harshly.

Download the PDF of the letter sent to Blackwell here.

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