December 27, 2004

US Fascism: The Red Pill

This article is a great introduction to anyone sceptical about claims that Bush's regime marks the high-water mark (so far) of a US Fascist movment that precedes WWII. I strongly urge you to read the whole article, with an open mind.
Too many people believe fascism is only about goose-stepping, jack-booted Nazis. Too many people believe that American democracy is so strong that fascists could never take control of America. If you are sympathetic to those views, I invite you to consider the possibility that you are mistaken - invite you to sample a small dose of ‘red pill’.

My first dose of ‘red pill’ came in the early 1970s when I returned from voluntary service in Central Africa. I had worked alongside American Peace Corps volunteers and would sit with them under the beautiful African night sky, discussing that devastated continent and the reasons for the starvation and death that surrounded us there. On my returned from Malawi, I discovered that a number of those supposedly dedicated Peace Corp volunteers were US intelligence agency personnel. What they were doing in Africa was not, in actual reality, delivering American aid or goodwill, but fermenting huge trouble with their clandestine activities..."


Soldier's Dad said...

Stop trying to destroy good people who are doing good work you facist,racist pig.

gandhi said...

Please find a third-party definition of Fascism that can be used to support your argument that I am a Fascist... Good grief!!!


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