December 06, 2004

The Truth Will Out

George Galloway was vilified by the press and thrown out of the British Labour Party - after 36 years service - for his vocal opposition to the Iraq War. The smear campaing included allegations that he earned over 20 million pounds from Saddam and his family. Now he savours the success of legal action to clear his name:
"From the forged papers showing Iraq buying nuclear materials from Niger to the pulp fiction of the Campbell-Scarlett dossiers, one of the grossest deceptions in modern history has been practised upon us.

... The Telegraph, a chief cheerleader for the Iraq war, together with the media empire of another foreign press baron, Rupert Murdoch, tried to paint me as a treasonous 'enemy of the state', and the anti-war movement as the 'enemy within'. But the real enemies of the state are the political leaders, pre-eminently the prime minister, who deceived the country into a disastrous military adventure which has devastated a foreign land and disfigured the face of international affairs. And the real enemies within are the pusillanimous poodles in parliament and press who allowed, and are still allowing them, to get away with it. "

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