December 26, 2004

A Christmas Prayer

George Bush, who art insane,
Hollowed be thy victory.
Thy vacations come,
Thy subterfuge be done
In Iraq as it is in Washington.
Give us each day
Our daily propaganda
And forgive us our scepticism
As we forgive those who run smear campaigns against us.
And deport us not unto Guantanamo Bay
But deliver us from the vast left-wing media conspiracy.

For thine is the White House, the legislative and the judiciary
For four more years.

God help us.


bushwon-getoverit said...

You are SUCH scum. You can't even refrain from polluting the web on Christmas day. You must be a very small man with a very small brain.

Darnell Clayton said...

Although I think your comments are extremely bogus I do have to admit you have the courage to post your website on their along with your email (unlike other cowards) so I will commend you on that.

We may disagree about the President. We may even disagree about the war. But although I find you quite annoying you are providing an opposing view which is generating discussion and dialog in a civil manner.

As long as you keep it civil (and not resort to vulgar swearing like others on both sides of the aile) you will have my respect as well as my ear. Best wishes for you in the new year and God bless my blogger opponent. Selah!


Although you may not like this have you heard of Blogs for Bush? Would you consider this a vast right wing conspiracy? Curious onto your insight...thanks for the debate. ;)

bushwon-getoverit said...

Unfortunately Ghandi likes to troll on other folks websites and tell lies about them. He does this with the hopes that people will come and visit his sight.

Pablo said...

Yay! Fascism is the best! 40 more years! I can't wait til we start getting free gas from all the oil we steal when we dominate the world! Bwaaaaahahahahahaaa!


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