December 23, 2004

Ignorance Is Bliss - For Some

Omar at Iraq The Model has today decided to respond to all the controversy about his site by ignoring it. Instead he posts a typical piece of feel-good propaganda.

I have replied by posting the following questions:

1. Were the Fahdil brothers aware that Spirit of America was set up and supported by Cyber Century Forum, a group dedicated to spreading US influence worldwide, particularly covert cyber-intelligence measures?

2. Were you aware that Cyber Century Forum holds 100K stocks in US oil? As Iraqis, (supposedly) - do you have a problem with that?

3. Did you know that 2 of the 3 members of Cyber Century Forum are also members of a top-level think-tank, the Center for Strategic and International Studies, which is also dedidicated to spreading US influence? Do you have a problem with that?

4. Who are the Americans trying to use ITM for partisan political or other purposes, whom Ali said "made me feel I'm on the wrong side here"? Why did Ali not go to the USA? What happened over there?

5. How do you expect to garner support from ordinary Iraqis during the election process if you do not even try to refute these very serious allegations? Why don't you just come right out and admit that you are working hand-in-glove with the CIA?

6. Are you aware that Spirit of America is a client of Direct Impact, a "grassroots marketing" organisation, whose marketing involves creating a "Buzz" by getting seemingly ordinary people (or better yet, influential people) to promote a product by word-of-mouth. Do you receive any money from Direct Marketing?

For anyone not aware of the history of these allegations, here are some links to my posts below:

Original post claiming Iraq The Model is a fraud

Proof linking Iraq The Model to Spirit of America, a fake charity set up by Cyber Century Forum for US PR purposes

Spirit of America responds, but questions remain unaswered, including:

Why is Spirit of America a client of grassroots marketing company Direct Impact?

Who are Cyber Century Forum?


Tom said...

This site is a hoot! For the first few minutes I thought it was supposed to be for real. Keep up the good work - you give Scrappleface a good run for his money.

Merry Christmas!

floda99 said...

I like this site. Keep up the good work!

Dave Nalle said...

You certainly are a farcical buffoon. Do you not have a job or something that ties you to the real world?


JeDaTi said...

One prominent Shia in the U.S. told me, "I call the president Imam Bush." (In Shia Islam, the imams are the chief religious guides throughout the history of the sect.) "He is a believer in God, he is just, and I believe he will keep his promise to hold a fair election on January 30," my interlocutor said. "He liberated Kerbala and Najaf [the Shia holy cities]. He has done more for Shias than anybody else in history."


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