February 01, 2006

Iraq Watch

Just what they need right now: bird flu in Iraq.

Riverbend has a great post about how Iraqis rebuilt their own country after the first Gulf War, comparing it with the chaos and waste of US-led construction under Halliburton et al.

Juan Cole lists the top ten things Bush wont mention in his stupid speech tonight. Cole also posts a link to a Scotsman story I saw but did not post, because I couldn't find any more information on it - basically, Phillipe Sands has a new edition of his book Lawless World in which he claims to have new insider info on a Bush-Blair summit:
[Bush] displayed open contempt for the UN during the summit, made wild threats against Iraq dictator Saddam Hussein and displayed astounding ignorance of the likely post-war problems.
But I cannot see any more substantial news on this. Please email me if you see anything... (comments have been removed per my previous "use em or lose em" warning). A previous post on Prof Sands here.

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