February 09, 2006

AWB: First Scalp!

Andrew Lindberg, Managing Director of Australian Wheat Board, was pretty bad liar. Now he is toast.

Basically, he misinformed the Stock Exchange, trying to blame the UN for the AWB's lies, then got caught out telling even more pork-pies to the enquiry.

Mind you, this could amount to a scapegoat taking the fall to protect John Howard:
Meanwhile, a former AWB executive has told the Cole Inquiry the wheat exporter did not fully inform the Department Of Foreign Affairs and the United Nations about its contractual arrangements with the Iraqi Grain Board...

Mr Officer said it was a collective corporate decision because AWB knew there was doubt about whether the UN would approve the contracts.

In describing AWB's culture at the time, he said gray or uncertain areas were left that way, so the answers he did not like to hear were not heard.
For those who don't know what I'm talking about, some background here and here.

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