February 06, 2006

Bush's GOP: Panic Sets In

From the Conservative Voice:
A new on-line poll of 1,015 conservative activists and donors shows that 77 percent are either seriously disappointed with Republican Congressional leaders or want them replaced.

The January 31 survey also found that 54 percent of conservatives feel so abandoned by current Congressional leaders and President Bush that they plan to reduce their contributions and/or grassroots work for GOP candidates in the 2006 election. And 70 percent would support a principled conservative challenger running against an established incumbent Republican in a 2006 GOP primary.
The money quote:
"Conservatives feel betrayed by the Republican leaders, and they want them replaced," said Viguerie, who has been dubbed the "Funding Father" of the conservative movement.
Elsewhere, Conservatives are asking, "Is Bush really one of us?" Here's a hint, doofballs: he is still funnelling your money to his industrial/military mates!

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