February 06, 2006

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Plop!

That's the sound of an anti-Bush critic laughing his head off, by the way.

Seriously, if Albert Einstein were alive today, do you think his head would explode from the sheer over-abundance of available information on every subject imaginable?

Just keeping up with the narrow political agenda of the Bush cabal is a full-time job (don't tell my boss I said that). How to keep apace of all the other news streaming down the wires every day?

For example:

What if saving the planet were as easy as replacing incandescent light bulbs with flourescent tubes? This story explains it better than the URL.

What if Google built their own Internet? They are already buying the cables.

And how much do we know about the universe when most of it is only just being measured in anything more than a theoretical way?
With the aid of 7,000 separate measurements, the researchers have been able to establish that the galaxies contain about 400 times the amount of dark matter as they do normal matter.

"The distribution of dark matter bears no relationship to anything you will have read in the literature up to now," explained Professor Gilmore.

"It comes in a 'magic volume' which happens to correspond to an amount which is 30 million times the mass of the Sun.

"It looks like you cannot ever pack it smaller than about 300 parsecs - 1,000 light-years; this stuff will not let you. That tells you a speed actually - about 9km/s - at which the dark matter particles are moving because they are moving too fast to be compressed into a smaller scale.

"These are the first properties other than existence that we've been able determine."
We live in interesting times. We live in amazing times.

I must remember to stop and blog the roses more often.

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