February 05, 2006

Murray Waas: Fitzgerald Court Papers: Bush Was Briefed on Joe Wilson.

And can you believe this? A 24-year-old Bush looney is telling NASA scientist that they must clearly label any reference to the Big Bang as "just a theory".

Remember suggestions that the Saudis warned Britain about the 7/7 bombs? Remember the emphatic denials? Well...
Senior White House officials have confirmed that Britain received a warning about a potential attack on London involving a cell of four bombers just a few months before the July atrocities in which 52 people were killed.

In the wake of the revelation, bomb victims' families have renewed calls for the government to hold a public inquiry to find out whether vital intelligence was missed that could have prevented the attack.
Steve Bell says Mo's got the hump.

And if it's OK for Bush to know what US citizens are doing at all times, the reverse should apply: introducing PrezCam!

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