February 09, 2006

Why Do They Hate Bush's USA?

The most amazing thing about all Bush's military adventures over the past five years is how spectacularly and relentlessly incompetent they have all been.

Iraq speaks for itself these days, with violence still mounting and pro-Iranian Islamic fundamentalists increasingly taking control of the agenda. In Afghanistan, the US puppet government controls little more than the capital city and is forced to make deals with opium-growing warlords, while the Taleban enjoys a popularity resurgence. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez, who re-took power just days after a US-backed coup, is now more popular than ever not only in Venezuela but right across Latin America.

And then there is that small, forgotten hell-hole called Haiti, where a US military posse abducted the elected President Aristide in 2004 and forced him into exile. After many long months of bloodshed, death and violence, Haitians have finally gone to the polls again and it looks like the winner will be Rene Preval, an Aristide protegé. Expect to see Aristide return for parades through the slums where he is adored, while US flags - not unjustifiably - are burned and stamped on.

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