February 06, 2006

Yemen Is An Ally, Right?

This can't be good:
Interpol has issued a global security alert over the escape of at least 13 convicted al-Qaeda militants who tunnelled their way out of a jail in Yemen, calling them a "clear and present danger to all countries".
In fact, as an indictment of this whole War On Terra thing, it's even worse:
But two days after the escape was discovered, Interpol had not yet issued individual wanted notices for the fugitives because it said Yemeni authorities had yet to provide it with all the required information.
The prisoners escaped through a 140-metre tunnel and it is believed they had outside assistance. If prison staff are sympathetic to the prisoner's cause, or if Yemeni authorities are reluctant to jump when Interpol says jump, perhaps it's got something to do with this:
Two Yemenite hunger strikers at the US military base in Guantanamo are dying despite their jailers" efforts to forcefully feed them, claim their attorneys.

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