November 06, 2006

From a blog at TPMCafe:
I think the Bushes have been making deals with the governments of Peru and Colombia. The US gives foreign aid in one form or another to these countries and, in exchange, these countries are giving oil rights to Harken Energy through Global Energy Development.

The Harken share price should have increased on the news that it recorded $48 million in income. Harken recorded the income based on the GED share price in June 2006 when it decided it did not have to consolidate GED.

GED apparently owns at least 4 million acres of oil fields in Colombia and Peru. After reading through press releases etc on the Harekn website, it seems that GED has been making a lot of other deals, too, in that aprt of the world.

Colin Powell was in Peru on 9/11 and IIRC, the president went to Peru et al in 2002.

Jenna Bush just did or is doing a stint in Peru, supposedly for some NGO or another.

All seems a bit too cosy to me.


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