November 07, 2006

Karl, We Hardly Knew Ye...

So the question has to be asked, what the #$%&* has happened to Karl Rove in this election cycle? Seriously, what the hell happened to the fat old bastard? Has the Fitzgerald enquiry got him totally rattled?

Bush and Co have been sinking for the past few months with barely a whimper of Rovian resistance. Everybody, everywhere, was waiting for Karl's "October (or November) Surprise". But it just never came.

Saddam's trial was telegraphed months ago. So what else has Karl got? Nothing but annoying (and illegal) robo-calls. I may be innocent, naive and strangely handsome in the half-light of the evening moon, but even I don't think that is gonna be enough to save Bush's sorry war-mongering ass.

Here's just one last-minute cockup which encapsulates the whole thing: Bush turns up in Florida to campaign for GOP candidate Charlie Crist, but Crist suddenly, urgently needs to be elsewhere. Rather pathetically, Bush is forced to push on regardless:
"Tomorrow you get to vote for a new governor, and I strongly suggest you vote for Charlie Crist to be governor of the state of Florida," he said.
I bet George he wishes he could spit those words into the toilet. Meanwhile, Karl Rove is spitting blood:
"All I know is that yesterday morning they apparently made a decision that, rather than being with the governor and the president and 10,000 people in Pensacola, they made it a last-minute decision to go to Palm Beach," Rove told reporters.

"Let's see how many people show up in Palm Beach on 24 hours notice versus eight or nine thousand people in Pensacola," he said.
To be fair, Rove has never been in this position before: defending a War Criminal as he metamorphoses into a Lame Duck is new ground for a guy who traditionally turns unelectable Turds into gung-ho Blossoms.

But the absence of anything more biting has me wondering WTF is going on? Where's Osama, Karl? Where's the invasion of Iran or North Korea? Were they canned at the last minute? Where is your MOJO, dude???!

Mind you, election day is still several hours away.... Let's see what Karl has left, shall we?


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