November 06, 2006

The Verdict: Hypocrites One And All

When Saddam was sentenced to death, he shouted "Allah Akhbar!" (God is great). As a shout-out to militant fundamentalist insurgents, it was a pretty hypocritical gesture. But Saddam is not the only hypocrite in the papers today.
"The man who once struck fear in the hearts of Iraqis had to listen to free Iraqis recount the acts of torture and murder that he ordered against their families and against them," says Bush.
But outside the Green Zone courthouse, torture and murders continue unabated.
"Today, the victims of this regime have received a measure of the justice which many thought would never come," Bush said.
But Bush is now responsible for more deaths in Iraq than Saddam, and there are no signs that he will ever face justice.
"The real issue is that he was tried in an open, transparent fashion and one of the great marks of democratic society is due process sand the rule of law and this mass murderer was given due process," said Howard.
But Saddam's trial was such a farce that it would have been thrown out long ago by any true Democratic system of justice.

The White House says criticism of the timing of the verdict, just two days before the US elections is "absolutely crazy". Nobody believes them.


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