November 02, 2006

"Where Do The Policies Come From?"

Oh dear. Lieutenant General Ricardo Sanchez, former commander of US ground forces in Iraq, urges new tactics:
"We have been saying since 2003 that we could fight there for years, if we continue to apply only the element of (military) power. We can continue to kill people there for a decade and until you can sort out the political and economic issues in that country, we will continue to have an issue there.

Partisan politics have hindered this war effort and America should not accept this. The security of America is definitely at stake."
What did he just say? Partisan politics?
Sanchez did not mention President George W Bush or Defence Secretary Donald Rumsfeld by name in criticising US political leaders.

"I'm a soldier and we have civilian control of the military," he said.

When pressed by reporters to answer who was at fault for the failures in Iraq, Sanchez said, "Where do the policies come from?"


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