February 02, 2006

AWB Update: US Dragged In

So now the Australian Wheat Board (AWB) scandal has expanded to incriminate not just Australian politicians but even US politicians, yet STILL the Howard government refuses to expand the commission's narrow (AWB-only) terms of enquiry.

Basically, it seems that US enquiries into the oil-for-food scandals in 2004 were getting dangerously close to the AWB. So Australia's ambasssador had a quiet word with his US mates and that was that. The USA went after their arch-nemesis, Kofi Annan, and ignored the fact that Australia's government-run Wheat Board was actually the SINGLE BIGGEST CONTRIBUTOR TO SADDAM'S ILLEGAL CASH STASH.

This money was used to buy weapons and repress political opponents. Our lying, hypocritical government(s) have blood on their hands that will never wash off.

Enough lies! The truth will out!

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