February 03, 2006

We Want (Political) Blood All Over The Bloody Floor!

I love Joshua Micah Marshall:
No absolution, shall we say, without blood on the floor.
I was talking to a North American colleague over a beer at lunch today and he argued that nobody could seriously expect John Howard to know what the Australian Wheat Board was doing when they broke UN sanctions on Iraq. Seriously. Never mind he was about to launch an invasion (Aussie troops drew first blood before war was even declared) which would slaughter 100,000 people. He's senior management, for Christ's sake - he has cricket matches to attend!!!

We want blood. We demand blood. We want a sacrifice thrown out the palace window, then another and another. Then we will drag the king through the streets on his ARSE as a message to all future leaders of the realm: follow this man's lead and you will suffer the same fate.

(If that sounds too Medieval, well of course we are much more civilized about it these days - and that is part of the problem).

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