November 09, 2006

Karl Rove Is Dead Meat

Let's start with this telling post-election moment, Bush Blames Rove:
Q: Mr. President, may I ask you if you have any metrics you'd be willing to share about your reading contest with Mr. Rove.

THE PRESIDENT: I'm losing. I obviously was working harder in the campaign than he was.
Ouch! That's gotta hurt... But with Rummy out the door, can Karl Rove be far behind?

As pointed out earlier, Rove's strategy for these mid-terms was totally screwed up. Not only did he fail to spring any last-minute surprises, he failed to control a veritable mudslide of GOP scandals over the past two or three months. In the final weeks, he said he had crunched the numbers and was confident of victory. He pulled GOP money out of places like Ohio, then poured it down the drain (e.g. trying to save Rick Santorum's sorry ass). He screwed up, big time.

Now even the wingnuts are demanding his scalp:
I am upset with Karl Rove and his cronies for reasons too numerous to list. Suffice it to say this man must go. Now. I was uncomfortable with him during 2004, even though we won, and I am uncomfortable with him now. I think we would have won even bigger without him in '04 and might have been able to win without him last night.
Never mind, Karl, Tom DeLay still thinks you're a genius. So do a few Conspiracy Theorists:
"It's all going according to the master plan," Karl Rove said last night as he watched the election returns come in with George W. Bush. "This is going to set us up perfectly for 2008."

"You've done a masterful job yet again, Karl," George W. Bush responded happily. "You're the architect of architects."
PS: Hey, Karl, is it true that you phoned Ted Haggard to ask about getting a massage and some crystal meth, just to get you through election night?


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