November 08, 2006

USA Gridlocked: Bush Survives Impeachment

I don’t have a reputation to lose, so I am calling it early: GOP holds the Senate, just barely (one or two seats). Dems take House. [see updates below]

Good news is: Liebermann doesn’t hold the balance of power. Also on the up-side, Bush is now so toxic that even his own Senators will be more likely to vote against him.

Bad news is: Political gridlock for two years. And little or no chance of impeachment. It just goes to show how much power money can buy you in this world, or at least in some parts of it.

And with that news, I think my days of blogging against Bush may be at an end.

Here in Australia we have a national election looming in 2007, and it's time I got involved. Stay tuned and I will let you know what I'm doing, but suspect I won't be googling "Bush" for a while.

We shall see. Time to chill out and water the horses for a bit...

UPDATE: Also good news, the Dems are In Da House and now have subpoeona power. That should be interesting: let's see what they do with it. And let's see how the media handle the show. John Conyers, front and centre, please.

Wow. I wrote the post above just as I left work. When I got home, a huge electrical storm was brewing. Had to run around the house cleaning up loose junk, closing windows, etc. Then the storm hit and we lost power, so we all went out for dinner at a local Thai restaurant. Got home, put the kids to bed and then the power came back. Switched on the PC and wow: Dems still in with a chance in the Senate! It looks like Virginia will decide the senate. Virginia Democrat James Webb has a 7,700-vote advantage over Republican Senator George Allen out of more than two million votes cast. So here comes the big recount....

But as Josh Marshall (not Joshua Holland, the Alternet guru) says:
Karl Rove has turned races like this around before. You don't know the lengths they'll go to. Believe me, you're not being imaginative enough.

Check out Josh Green's article on Karl Rove from two years ago. Look what Rove pulled off in the disputed Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice race. Read it.

Get ready for the bogus headlines on Drudge. The rumors and innuendo. Live boys and dead girls. Like I said, your imagination will only get you maybe half the way there. Get ready.
Grrr... Fight on? And here's Juan Cole, putting it in historic perspective:
The fourth popular revolution of the twenty-first century (after the Ukraine, Lebanon and Kyrgyzstan) swept America on Tuesday, as voters engaged in the moral equivalent of storming the Bastille...

Given the giant berms the Republicans had built against any Democratic rebound, and the viciousness with which raptors like Delay, Weldon, Rove and Abramoff went for the soft underbelly of the democratic system, it is an irridescent miracle that the Democrats have taken the House.
OK, I am off to sleep now. Good night, America.


Wadard said...

Fingers crossed.

Bill said...

Bush got his regime change.


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