February 01, 2008

Could It Have Something To Do With OIL?

Could someone please explain why "the greatest threat to Afghanistan's future is abandonment by the international community", whereas there is no such threat to continued US military domination of Iraq, despite dwindling numbers of international supporters?


Nilk said...

That's easy.

If the international community aren't paying attention, the Taliban get back in and it's back to the good old days of women being stuck in the house, and stoning, and general oppression of people.

No more schooling for girls, amputations or worse for criminals under sharia, support for al qaeda and increased opium plantings.

Yeah, I'd love to go back to the stone age.

gandhi said...

You forgot the thing about no more female circumcision.

How's that going, anyway?

Oh, and don't forget: no more opium harvest!



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