February 11, 2008

Try To See It My Way

Pol Pot's top henchman was called Duch:
"There was a widespread and tacit understanding.

"I and everyone else who worked in that place knew that anyone who entered had to be psychologically demolished, eliminated by steady work, given no way out. No answer could avoid death. Nobody who came to us had any chance of saving himself."

The command had come from above, he said. "All the prisoners had to be eliminated. We saw enemies, enemies, enemies everywhere."
Sounds familiar? Duch is now standing trial for his crimes. How long till Bush and his henchmen are in the dock?


Bukko_in_Australia said...

And now Duch's a Christian... Isn't that sweet?! Too bad his "Christianity" hasn't led him to express repentance and speak honestly of his crimes. What I got was a lot of rationalisation and defenciveness. (Is that the way the latter word is spelt here? Doesn't look right.)

As for BushCo in the dock, as I've said before, wait until (or perhaps "unt-if") the Chinese take over the world. Possibly nonexistent God help me for wishing this, but the more I read about the deep evil of the U.S. power structure, with Sibel Edmonds, InfraGard, etc., the more I'm hoping for a total collapse there.

Anonymous said...

This is shocking: The british planned to train 2000 Taliban fighters in southern Afghanistan, the independent reveals at


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