February 06, 2008

Who's Cutting The Cables?

Three undersea fiber-optic cables - maybe four! - have been cut in just one week. What's going on? Is this preparation for a US attack on Iran?

John Borland at CNET says the "breaks came at one of the world's bottlenecks, where Net traffic for whole regions is funneled along a single route."

But the US Department of Defense has previously identified the Internet as a potential enemy weapons system (PDF).

UPDATE: It gets worse. Richard Sauder connects the dots (because Bukko can't be bothered LOL). There have now been at least eight cables sabotaged, and it's looking co-ordinated:

1) one off of Marseille, France

2) two off of Alexandria, Egypt

3) one off of Dubai, in the Persian Gulf

4) one off of Bandar Abbas, Iran in the Persian Gulf

5) one between Qatar and the UAE, in the Persian Gulf

6) one in the Suez, Egypt

7) one near Penang, Malaysia

8) initially unreported cable cut on 23 January 2008 (Persian Gulf?)

Three things stand out about these incidents:

1) all of them, save one, have occurred in waters near predominantly Muslim nations, causing disruption in those countries;

2) all but two of the cut/damaged cables are in Middle Eastern waters;

3) so many like incidents in such a short period of time suggests that they are not accidents, but are in fact deliberate acts, i.e., sabotage.

The evidence therefore suggests that we are looking at a coordinated program of undersea cable sabotage by an actor, or actors, on the international stage with an anti-Muslim bias, as well as a proclivity for destructive violence in the Middle Eastern region.

The question then becomes: are there any actors on the international stage who exhibit a strong, anti-Muslim bias in their foreign relations, who have the technical capability to carry out clandestine sabotage operations on the sea floor, and who have exhibited a pattern of violently destructive policies towards Muslim peoples and nations, especially in the Middle East region?

The answer is yes, there are two: Israel and the United States of America.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

WHERE is the bottleneck? How widely separated are the cables? Makes a difference if they're in the same trench, where it COULD be a single misfortune, or separated by metres, which would seem fishy (pun intended.) Has anything like this happened before in this spot? I could go on with lots of questions. The link doesn't get into specifics, and I can't be bothered to Google deeper.

"Can't be bothered" -- Bukko's motto. I think I'll have it tattooed on my chest. Right below the one that says "Not for Resuscitation".

gandhi said...

Yeah, life is short, we gotta smell the roses.

Fortunately George Soros pays me thousands of dollars every day so I have time to do all this shit.

Bukko_in_Australia said...

Right, mate! Thanks for doing the groundwork and providing that great link. It was highly worthwhile, and any of your thousands of readers who checks out the comments but doesn't click the links should definitely go to Sauder's page. I've said it before, and I'll say it again -- the links you unearth are one of the two reasons I read your blog.

Reading through the list of incidents, which do not sound like coincidence to me, I came to the same thought as Sauder's e-mail correspondent: Was this a bungled attempt at inserting taps on the cables? The U.S. successfully placed an undersea tap on a major Soviet telephone trunk cable during the Cold War. There was the publicised case of the "splitter" being set up in the San Francisco internet hub (and how many similar that we don't know about?) Were they trying to do this on the ocean floor, and botched it? How many places did they succeed?

I don't buy sabotage. It's too widespread, and too crude a weapon to be something like retaliation for not accepting 800,000 Gaza refugees. It affects too many countries to be aimed at solely the Iranians for the oil bourse. Have you ever read a guy named William Engdahl? He's a deep thinker on oil, geopolitics, Greenspan, the role the U.S. has had in using the dollar to ensure world domination... He had a good article a while back about why the Iranian oil bourse won't break the buck, primarily because other countries won't participate, for fear of irritating the angry, wounded dinosaur.

I could go on and on about the ramifications of this. One being that it could ONLY be the U.S. doing such mischief on a worldwide scale, becauee Israel's submarine fleet isn't large enough. And they wouldn't do it without American approval. Or how it wouldn't be petulant sabotage, because that gets in the way of corporate profits, and that's the raison d'etre behind everything the New World Order does.

But if I went on any longer, I'd have to start my own blog. And ICBB. It's a sunny day down here, so I'm going to work on moulding my tinfoil hat. It's a wide-brimmed one with edges that turn up over the ears and down over the eyes, sort of a tinfoil Akubra...

Big Dan said...

(from that post)

"so many like incidents in such a short period of time suggests that they are not accidents, but are in fact deliberate acts, i.e., sabotage. "

WTC-1, WTC-2, WTC-7 (the one that wasn't hit by anything)

Tom3 said...

The cables were cut to stop Iran from opening their "bourse" which would trade their oil in PetroEUROs.

The US cannot afford to have any of the big oil producers stop using PetroDollars. It would crash the dollar.


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