February 15, 2008

Saudi Witchery? Or Just Pure Evil?

The reason why stories like this persist - which feed the rightwing, anti-Muslim hype - is that Western governments are propping up corrupt Middle East regimes who routinely siphon off all their nation's oil wealth for personal profit.

I mean, how is it possible, after all these years, that a rich nation with extraordinary oil resources like Saudi Arabia's still has citizens with medieval standards of education?

Lest we forget, this is EXACTLY the reason why Osama Bin Laden went to war with the USA. Not because he had a grudge with the USA itself, but because the USA was militarily and economically propping up the corrupt Saudi regime which he detested as an affront to Islam.

It seems to me that there is potential for common ground here between leftwing and rightwing critics of the Saudi regime. Free and fair elections in countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Iran should be demanded by one and all in the Western world.


Bukko_in_Australia said...

Not to defend the Saudis, because they're misogynistic bastards, but are you aware of the problem with witchcraft killings in Africa? We are a depraved species. Wolves would be ashamed of us. Hyenas, on the other hand...

gandhi said...

I cross-posted this as a comment at LP, where I originally saw the story (but forgot to link it, sorry).

A rabid Howard-lover there pointed out that Australian Aboriginals are still superstitious about having their photos taken. So?

That is a shameful reflection on the lack of education over the past 200 years, isn't it? Same goes for Africa.

Like I said, there should be common ground here for left and right - unless you just want to use these problems as an excuse, not fix them.


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