February 13, 2008

Yet Another Bush "Conspiracy Theory" Revealed

This photo shows Prescott Bush (center) with his friends Roland Harriman (left), Knight Woolley and R. Lovett.

It's eight years too late, but The Guardian has finally confirmed the "Conspiracy Theories" about Bush's grandfather and the Nazis (as heroically detailed long ago by Webster G. Tarpley).

The most tantalising part of the story remains shrouded in mystery: the connection, if any, between Prescott Bush, Thyssen, Consolidated Silesian Steel Company (CSSC) and Auschwitz.

Thyssen's partner in United Steel Works, which had coal mines and steel plants across the region, was Friedrich Flick, another steel magnate who also owned part of IG Farben, the powerful German chemical company.

Flick's plants in Poland made heavy use of slave labour from the concentration camps in Poland. According to a New York Times article published in March 18 1934 Flick owned two-thirds of CSSC while "American interests" held the rest.

The US National Archive documents show that BBH's involvement with CSSC was more than simply holding the shares in the mid-1930s. Bush's friend and fellow "bonesman" Knight Woolley, another partner at BBH, wrote to Averill Harriman in January 1933 warning of problems with CSSC after the Poles started their drive to nationalise the plant. "The Consolidated Silesian Steel Company situation has become increasingly complicated, and I have accordingly brought in Sullivan and Cromwell, in order to be sure that our interests are protected," wrote Knight. "After studying the situation Foster Dulles is insisting that their man in Berlin get into the picture and obtain the information which the directors here should have. You will recall that Foster is a director and he is particularly anxious to be certain that there is no liability attaching to the American directors."

But the ownership of the CSSC between 1939 when the Germans invaded Poland and 1942 when the US government vested UBC and SAC is not clear.
The Harrimans are closely related to the Brown family, whose name now adorns Halliburton's top subsidiary, KBR (Kellogg, Brown and Root). Foster Dulles and his brother set up the CIA, and George H.W. Bush became an agent, then a director, then a Veep and then a President. And then his idiot son became a President too...

And nobody really gives a shit about all this crap, do they. We move on, we move on...


Anonymous said...

Isn't that article from the Guardian the one published on Sept. 25, 2004? Is there any new info? If so I missed the link.

Anonymous said...

Krauthammer “the Holocaust Declaration”.

Wow, Krauthammer wrote another doosie about what “we should do for Israel”. While he talks madly, I know he is serious because he throws in the “H” word (ie“Holocaust”). What he spews is exactly reminiscent of countless Associated Press diatribes by THOMAS FREIDMAN. (Nothing new under the sun there).

Krauthammer says, Israel’s problem with Iran is the USA’s problem, and we (the USA) need to deal with Israel’s problem by open threat of nuclear annihilation. (The USA to conveniently do all the heavy lifting, be the bad guy, and/or the potentially murderer of millions innocent Iranians). What a deal for us!

According to Krauthammer the US should produce a pact, linking any kind of attack on Israel, to an attack on the USA. This hypothetical Iranian attack on Israel, and our subsequent nuclear bombing of Iran, should not be posed as a singularly retaliatory attack in the defense of Israel, but a preemptive attack is also a very very possible option, indeed necessary.

It boggles the mind to think what even a subtle “threat” to Israel from Iran could ignite. But,
Krauthammer argues, this type of pact, would be best for the world, because when Iran goes nuclear, Israel will be forced to use some of its 300 plus nuclear bombs pre-emtively on Iran. Hence, Israel would essentially be “forced” to destabilize the Middle East and the world, and yes even destroy much of it. Israel’s hands would be tied; it would have to respond to Iran. Oh check that, the USA would do all the responding. Sure, it would be better if the USA would destabilize and destroy the earth. But how is Israel the USA problem entirely.

The whole “I’m going to destroy the earth, if you do not stop me; or do it for me,” is mad talk and sounds very nearly like blackmail.

Since Krauthammer seems to be speaking for the Jewish people and Israel, perhaps he should start to talk of where the blame for the problems in the Middle East emanated. Perhaps he should talk about who should really fix the problem, who is responsible, and who should do the heavy lifting to fix this problem

Perhaps he should look at the Jewish people who wanted a country in Palestine where they had always been a minority. (But were allowed to live peacefully)

Maybe the people of Britain should clean up the mess in Palestine. After all, in 1948, it was they who allowed the current Israeli occupation of Palestine happen. And let’s not forget the handful of countries, who in the midnight quorum call in 1948, voted for the creation of Israel against all wishes of its neighbors.

Perhaps he can also talk more about how his and Israel’s stance sounds more like blackmail, than a peace loving country, and less about how Israeli occupation land and the native population Palestine, is such a glowing democratic success. As any Palestinian living in Israel knows, it is not a democracy. It is a religious country just like Iran.

Adamgv said...

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